Sunny Bee Online Academy

Providing online classes for children up to age 5

Sunny Bee Online Academy takes an arts-integrated approach to early learning.
We are online and in tune with the needs of young children.

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Brenda Sunny Bee

Meet the Director - Miss Brenda

I was six years old, in Ms. Conway’s first grade class. We were going around the class saying what we wanted to be when we grew up. Without hesitation, I said. “I want to be a teacher.”

And the rest, as they say, is history.

I have always wanted to be a teacher and own my own school. I got the first part of my dream down. I’ve been a public school music teacher for 25 years. Now, it’s time for the second part, having my own school. I actually had the opportunity to own my own music studio two year ago. However, due to our recent pandemic, I had to close my doors after only two years.It was then that I learned that a “school” is more than just a building, it is a feeling that lives within your heart.

I’ve spent the last 9 months transitioning to the online space. I’ve studied and prepared to ensure I provide children with the highest quality online experience. I’ve also been teaching ESL to children from China for two years. I know how to keep the attention of littles through hands on and engaging activities. And so, the time has come to put all of my experience on the table.

I am happy to introduce you to Sunny Bee Online Academy!

About Sunny Bee Online Academy

Sunny Bee Online Academy provides an arts-integrated approach to early learning by a licensed teacher, (ME). With my background in music, Your children will receive a rich musical experience while addressing their cognitive, physical, social, and emotional needs.
We offer a choice between 2, 3, or 5 afternoons a week. All classes are recorded in the event that you miss a class. When you enroll, you receive all necessary materials which include: crafts, a book, and an instrument.
Our classtime consists of:

  • Opening song
  • Circle time activities – letters, numbers, shapes, weather, etc.
  • Movement activity
  • Craft
  • Story time
  • Closing song

Aside from providing developmentally appropriate activities for your children, we will also work on skills like turn-taking, being kind, making friends, and critical thinking.
In an effort to ensure that everyone receives a quality attentive experience, class sizes will be a minimum of three, but no more than eight children.
Our virtual doors will open February 1st.

Sunny Bee student 3

Sunny Bee Online Academy was created to engage children in fun, engaging, and meaningful play (which is how they do most learning.)

Registration, Class Times, and Prices


Choose from:

Tuesdays and Fridays at 4:00-$130 a month.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays at 3:30– $160 a month.

Mondays-Fridays at 3:00– $200 a month.

Policies and procedures

There will be a one-time non-refundable registration fee of $50. Siblings can be registered for an extra $30.

Classes will be recorded, but we will not photograph your child unless you sign the consent form. We also ask you to refrain from photographing the children or recording the class without asking permission.

Zoom Procedures

Upon registration, you will receive the Zoom link to attend class. Please arrive on time. You can stay unmuted at the beginning of class, but we may need to mute for short periods during the course of the class in order to reduce feedback from background noise.

Sunny Bee student 2

Commonly Asked Questions

Do I need to buy materials? Nope, all materials are included in the price and will be delivered to you every month.

Do I need to sit with my child? Although grownups are welcome to stay, you don’t have to. However, if you feel your child needs help, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to stay close by in case you are needed.

What about screen time? The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no more than 60 minutes per day. That is why my classes are exactly 30 minutes long. The recommendation also pertains to watching tv or videos, not actively participating in a class.

Do you offer a sibling discount? For a limited time, you only have to pay an extra $30 per sibling to help cover the costs of materials.

What equipment do I need? All classes will be on Zoom. It is best to use a larger device (on TV would be awesome) in order for your child to see. Familiarize yourself with the camera, audio, and mute buttons.

Can I cancel my subscription? Yes, you may cancel at any time.

Have any more questions?

Feel free to email me at

Looking forward to you joining our hive!

Here's what some of our Sunny Bee Families have to say

My son loves Ms. Brenda and Sunny Bee Academy! Teaching children online is hard but Ms. Brenda really connects with each child in a way that feels like she is right in the room. My son looks forward to class time with Ms. Brenda every week and will constantly ask when the next class is. And the added bonus is she gives you all the materials you need to complete the activities AND weekly crafts. We recommend her classes and bundles over and over!
Mom Stephanie

My daughter has attended either in person or virtual Sunny Bee classes since she was 8 months old, she is now 3. She loves her teacher, Miss Brenda! Brenda is amazing with the kids, she fully embraces each of their personalities and abilities, and finds a way to incorporate ALL into her classes. She is never phased by anything the kids may be doing during class and gets them back on track like a miracle worker!! My daughter will always be a part of the Sunny Bee Family, it is so good for her and she loves it!! I totally trust Brenda with her, and that is hard to say in today’s world. Mom Nicole

We’ve been with Miss Brenda for a few years.. in person and also virtual. She now offers music bundles filled with music, stories, and crafts .. we just completed week one and in my 5 year olds words...
“Miss Brenda is my BEST music teacher!” ~ Jason

She is fun, loving, soft-spoken and makes every child feel so special..we just love our sunny bee! Mom Priscilla

This was the 1st time we had a class online in our home. I really like how the class is interactive. Kids love the songs, use musical items, and a soft stuffed animal. She made sure she knew the kids' names. I would do more classes! Mom Suzanne

Ms. Brenda is absolutely amazing! My six year old has been attending classes at Sunny Bee since he was four. Ms. Brenda offers an age-appropriate approach at every stage of development. She has done an incredible job of embracing the virtual format and providing lessons that are fun and engaging. Mom Jaime

Me Brenda is so kind, caring, and creative! My three-year-old son loves her! We started with Ms Brenda when my son was only six months old. We’ve attended music classes in person and virtually, and now are enrolled in her preschool program. It’s a great way for my son to connect with other students and learn from a certified teacher. He loves the activities and crafts that Ms. Brenda plans. He’s very proud of being in school and the crafts that he makes. We HIGHLY recommend Sunny Bee Academy!
Mom Kelly


Sunny Bee Online Academy

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